Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the makings of a quilt

I started it! I may have bitten off slightly more than I can chew by choosing a queen size quilt for my first attempt and I've also tested my mathematical abilities but ... fingers crossed the next 8 rows go as well as these two and it should work out.

Fabric courtesy of Sheridan POP, turns out it was cheaper to buy European pillow cases on special and cut them up then to buy nice fabric. I would LOVE to make a hand screen printed quilt first but thought better of spending $300 plus on fabric for the front of the quilt on my first attempt.

That's also the beginnings of my painting nook in the background, perhaps a post of that to come ...


  1. All the best with the quilt! It's looking great already. I've started a few... but am yet to finish any of them... :)

  2. My first quilt top is folded at the bottom of my sewing box (also a queen), but I finished a cot quilt last year, which has been gifted and in use!

  3. Ahh ladies, it appears I join you with the unfinished quilts. This one hasn't progressed since this photo was taken. It was ambitious starting my first quilt as a queen. Perhaps I'll use what I've done to make some cot or play mat sized quilts when we have a bub ... until then, I give up!

    On a side note ... I really should have thought through the colours I wanted in my house before I started this one, even if I finish it I'm not sure where it would suit.