Wednesday, February 1, 2012

starting ...

This is just the start of things to come. An online place to call my own. I'm new to this, I've spent months contemplating whether I'm cut out for this blogging caper. I'll never know if I never give it a shot, so here goes ...

* I'm a closet crafter. I'm beyond thrilled that there seem to be all these lovely people online who not only enjoy crafting but make it cool. I wouldn't say my crafting is cool, or that I'm amazing at it ... but it does make me happy.

* I'd trade a night out for a night in with my man and my dog curled up on the bed watching movies any day of the week. I'm cool like that.

* I dream of living by the sea, in a small country town, with a small farm of animals and my own vege patch ... one day ...


  1. Hi Miss B,
    Found your blog via Beetle Shack. Congratulations on taking the plunge and I hope this all goes well for you! I would love to live on a farm by the sea too! The South Coast in NSW would be ideal. :)
    Ronnie xo

  2. I love nights in watching movies also! so cool :) Monika.